About us

The history of the company Pečivárne Liptovský Hrádok goes back to the 1930s, when a company called TATRANKA was founded. Wafers, biscuits, vanilla sugar and cinnamon sugar were made here. A new chapter of company history began being written in 1992 with the foundation of Pečivárne Liptovský Hrádok. Extensive investments into the production of biscuits, wafers and chocolate coatings enabled us to supply the market with new products. With traditional, quality products.

We are traditional

We bring the taste of tradition in time-tested traditional recipes under the name Tatry Line. Wafers or biscuits, the production processes of which come from traditional recipes, show you how sweets taste beneath the Tatras. The fact that we are inspired by traditions, however, doesn’t prevent us from being innovative. Since we adapt to the modern demands of customers, a natural development was the origin of additional product lines. Each product line has something exceptional, but one thing connects them all – their fair recipes.

We are considerate

Our aim is to move the bar higher, and not only in the area of common sweets, but also in those that can really be enjoyed by anyone. Thus our Nature Line, Diabeta and Celihope product lines originated.

Nature Line are products inspired by a healthy lifestyle, and therefore they represent a healthy alternative, whenever you have a taste for something sweet. If you haven’t tasted them you will not believe that you can also enjoy sweets full of fruit, seeds or other health goodies. We make high quality and tasty sweets also for diabetics and coeliacs through our Diabeta and Celihope product lines.

Taste the quality. Taste the tradition. Taste Liptov.

We are part of Rural Development Program 2014-2020

Title of the project:
Implementation of modern production technologies at Pečivárne Lipt. Hrádok, s.r.o.

Description of the project:
The subject of the project is procurement and modernization of machinery and technologies as well as reconstruction and modernization of objects related to the processing of products. New technologies will enable the company’s product range to be expanded, improve packaging quality, guaranteeing high safety and quality of production. Within the framework of the reconstruction and modernization of the production areas, new ventilation system and reconstructed floors will be installed in the production areas.

Objectives and results of the project:
Introduction of the production of new products
Improving the efficiency of the production process
Improve and expand packaging types
Improve product safety and quality
Improving the working environment of employees

This project is implemented with the support of European Union.